Bluemix Status [ibm:yp:us-south]

URL Health CheckStatus
account-balance up
accountmanagement up
accountmanagement-regional up
api up
appconn-microservice-0 up
appconn-microservice-1 up
appconn-microservice-2 up
appconn-microservice-3 up
appconn-microservice-4 up
appconn-microservice-5 up
appconn-microservice-6 up
appconn-microservice-7 up
appconn-microservice-8 up
appconn-microservice-9 up
billing up
bmpromocode up
bmpromocode-regional up
bss-app-controller up
bss-app-events up
bss-app-notifier up
bss-app-recorder up
bss-app-state up
bss-metering-aa1-submitter up
bss-metering-aa2-submitter up
bss-metering-account-plugin up
bss-metering-collector up
bss-metering-collector-regional up
bss-metering-db-manager up
bss-metering-name-directory up
bss-metering-provisioning-plugin up
bss-metering-rating up
bss-metering-reporting up
bss-metering-reporting-dependencies up
bss-metering-reporting-regional up
bss-metering-rt-calculator up
bss-metering-rt-cf-events up
bss-metering-rt-cf-usage up
bss-metering-rt-submitter up
bss-metering-submitter up
bssanalytics up
catalog-management-green up
cfaas down
chtest-au-syd up
chtest-eu-de up
chtest-eu-gb up
chtest-us-east up
chtestapp up
cloudant-ibm003 up
console up
developer-experience-console up
gitlab-cas up
gitlab-community up
hypersync up
hyperwarp-global up
iam-api up
iam-cloudant-iamam up
iam-groups up
iam-pap up
iam-pdp up
iam-ui up
iam-xacml up
iamXacmlGlobal up
identitymixer down
is-security-groups down
lagmon up
lms-api-prd up
login up
mccp up
meteringinterface-provider up
meteringservice-provider up
Object-Storage-Healthcheck up
offers up
offers-regional up
order-management up
otc-api up
otc-bm-helper up
otc-bss-metrics up
otc-cti-broker up
otc-github-consolidated-broker up
otc-github-helper up
otc-github-relay-pub up
otc-github-relay-sub up
otc-orion-broker up
otc-orion-server up
otc-pagerduty-broker up
otc-pipeline-broker up
otc-pipeline-server up
otc-saucelabs-broker up
otc-slack-broker up
otc-tiam up
otc-toolint-broker up
otc-ui up
otc-webhook-manager up
pricing-catalog-green up
pricing-catalog-green-regional up
provision-broker up
provision-catalog up
provision-helper-green up
provision-service-subscriptions up
public-notifications up
rated-usage up
rating-service up
resource-controller up
resource-controller-broker up
resource-controller-processor up
resource-controller-regional up
resource-manager up
resource-manager-regional up
spending-limits up
spending-limits-detection up
spending-limits-regional up
status up
tokenservice-global up
tokenservice-regional-0 up
tokenservice-regional-1 up
tokenservice-regional-2 up
trial-registration up
uaa up
user-preferences up
vmware-solutions up
www up
Application CreationStatus
Binary runtime up
dotnetcore up
dotnetcore (no nuget) up
Go up
Java(Tomcat) runtime up
Liberty runtime up
Node.JS (no NPM) runtime up
Node.JS runtime up
PHP up
Python up
Ruby (no RubyGems) up
Ruby(Rails) runtime up
Swift up
XPages up
Diego FeaturesStatus
Container SSH up
Deploy an App with Docker up
Service Creation and BindingStatus
Accern-API [user-provided] up
accessTrail [free] down
accessTrail [Premium] down
Accrete.AI: Rational Exuberance [user-provided] up
Accrete.AI: Rumor Hound [user-provided] up
Accrete.AI: Topic Deltas [user-provided] up
aiopenscale [Departmental] down
alertnotification [authorizedusers] up
Alloy [user-provided] up
APIConnect [Custom - Enterprise] up
APIConnect [Custom - Professional] up
APIConnect [Enterprise 1B] up
APIConnect [Enterprise 25M] up
APIConnect [Enterprise] up
APIConnect [Essentials - Native] up
APIConnect [Essentials] up
APIConnect [Lite] up
APIConnect [Professional 5M] up
APIConnect [Professional] up
AppConnect [appconnectcloudconnectors] up
AppConnect [appconnectplancustomenterprise] up
AppConnect [Lite] up
AppID [Graduated tier] up
AppID [lite] down
AppLaunch [Beta] up
AT&T Flow Designer [user-provided] up
AT&T IoT Data Plans [user-provided] up
Auto-Scaling [free] up
AvailabilityMonitoring [Lite] up
AvailabilityMonitoring [Paid] up
blockchain-document-store [Blockchain Document Store Beta] down
Bondevalue-API [user-provided] up
Bosch IoT Rollouts [user-provided] up
box [user-provided] up
businessrules [standard] up
Car Diagnostic API [user-provided] up
cloudantNoSQLDB [Lite] up
cloudcerts [Free] up
cloudeventmanagement [Standard] up
Coalesce for Risk and Compliance Monitoring [user-provided] up
compare_and_comply [experimental] up
Continuous Release [Free] down
continuous-delivery [Lite] up
continuous-delivery [Professional] up
Contrast Security [user-provided] up
conversation [free] up
conversation [standard] up [user-provided] up
dashDB [Entry] up
dashDB [HDMP Flex] down
dashDB For Transactions [Lite] up
data-science-experience [free-v1] up
db2oncloud [hdmp_flex] down
DevOpsInsights [Free] down
Difitek [user-provided] up
docplexcloud [ODSTRIAL] up
Document Generation [Free plan] up
document_conversion [ecosystem] down
document_conversion [enterprise] down
document_conversion [partner] down
document_conversion [standard] up
driverinsights [free] up
driverinsights [standard] up
dynamic-dashboard-embedded [lite] up
ecs-checker [ecs-checker-free] up
ecs-dashboard [ecs-dashboard-free] up
Envestnet | Yodlee [user-provided] up
Esri ArcGIS for Developers [user-provided] up
fss-financial-optimization-service [fss-financial-optimization-service-free-plan] down
fss-historical-instrument-analytics-service [fss-historical-instrument-analytics-service-free-plan] down
fss-historical-scenario-analytics-service [fss-historical-scenario-analytics-service-free-plan] down
fss-instrument-analytics-service [fss-instrument-analytics-service-free-plan] down
fss-portfolio-service [fss-portfolio-service-free-plan] down
fss-predictive-scenario-analytics-service [fss-predictive-scenario-analytics-service-free-plan] down
fss-scenario-analytics-service [fss-scenario-analytics-service-free-plan] down
g11n-pipeline [standard] up
GEO Web Services [user-provided] up
Geospatial Analytics [Standard] up
HazardHub Property Risk Data API [user-provided] up
hs-crypto [freePlan] up
hypersecuredbaas [Lite] down
ibm-blockchain-5-prod [ibm-blockchain-plan-v1-ga1-prod] up
ibm-blockchain-5-prod [ibm-blockchain-plan-v1-ga1-starter-prod] up
ibm-iot-for-electronics [ibmiotforelectronicspaidplan] down
ibm-iot-for-electronics [ibmiotforelectronicsplan] down
IBM_Cloud_Brokerage_CAM [Experimental] down
ibmLogAnalysis [premium] up
ibmLogAnalysis [premiumsearch10] up
ibmLogAnalysis [premiumsearch2] up
ibmLogAnalysis [premiumsearch5] up
ibmLogAnalysis [standard] up
IIBoCService [Free] down
imfpush [Advanced] up
imfpush [Basic] up
imfpush [lite] up
InfluxCloud [user-provided] up
Intelligent Travel API [user-provided] up
Internet of Things Workbench [InternetOfThingsWorkbenchExperimentalPlan] up
internet-svcs [beta] down
internet-svcs [Trial] down
iotf-service [iotf-service-asp] up
iotf-service [iotf-service-free] up
iotf-service [iotf-service-standard] up
iotforautomotive [free_shared] down
kms [tiered-pricing] up
knowledge-studio [free] up
language_translator [advanced] up
language_translator [lite] up
language_translator [standard] up
lift-cli [lift-starter-rc] up
managed-mssql-database [managedMsSqlBasePlanName] down
Mapbox Maps [user-provided] up
mapinsights [free] up
mapinsights [standard] up
messagehub [standard] up
Mobile Foundation [Developer] up
Mobile Foundation [Professional1Application] up
Mobile Foundation [ProfessionalPerDevice] up
mongodb-replaced [100] up
Monitoring [lite] up
Monitoring [premium] up
Morningstar [user-provided] up
mqcloud [default] up
mysql-replaced [100] up
mysql-replaced [200] up
mysql-replaced [300] up
Natural Language Generation APIs [user-provided] up
natural-language-understanding [free] up
natural_language_classifier [standard] up
Nexmo [user-provided] up
PagerDuty [user-provided] up
Passport [user-provided] up
Payeezy [user-provided] up
personality_insights [lite] up
personality_insights [tiered] up
Phunware Location Based Services [user-provided] up
Phunware Mobile Marketing Automation [user-provided] up
Plaid [user-provided] up
pm-20 [standard] up
postgresql-replaced [100] up
Precision Location [user-provided] up
Quovo [user-provided] up
rabbitmq-replaced [100] up
real-time-payments-service [real-time-payments-service-free-plan] down
redis-replaced [100] up
RelSci [user-provided] up
retrieve_and_rank [ecosystem] up
retrieve_and_rank [enterprise] down
retrieve_and_rank [partner] down
retrieve_and_rank [standard] up
RiskSpan RS Edge Loan Analytics [user-provided] up
Rocket Mainframe Data [User Provided-Beta] up
SecureGateway [essentials] up
SecureGateway [professional] up
SizeUp Small Business Intelligence [user-provided] up
spark [ibm.SparkService.PayGoPersonal] up
speech_to_text [lite] up
speech_to_text [standard] up
SPLICE Pre-CAT Insurance Notifications [user-provided] up
sql-query [beta] up
sql-query [lite] up
sql-query [nexttry] down
sql-query [standard] up
Strands Business Financial Management [user-provided] up
Telstra Messaging API [user-provided] up
text_to_speech [lite] up
text_to_speech [standard] up
tone_analyzer [lite] up
tone_analyzer [standard] up
TradeIt [user-provided] up
TrueRisk Labs - Equity Predictions Using Advanced AI [user-provided] up
Twilio Authy [user-provided] up
Twilio Programmable SMS [user-provided] up
Twilio Programmable Video [user-provided] up
Twilio Programmable Voice [user-provided] up
Twilio Verify [user-provided] up
UnificationEngine [user-provided] up
VoiceAgent [Lite] up
VoiceAgent [Standard] up
watson_vision_combined [lite] up
WealthEngine API [user-provided] up
weatherinsights [Free-v2] up
WebSphereAppSvr [WASBasePlan] up
WebSphereAppSvr [WASLibertyCorePlan] up
WebSphereAppSvr [WASNDPlan] up
WorkloadScheduler [Standard] up
Xignite Market Data APIs [user-provided] up
XPagesData [xpages-data-free] down
Ylabs [user-provided] up
Zuznow [user-provided] up
Service ConsumptionStatus
aiopenscale up
alchemyApiFreeHealth down
alertnotification up
APICatalogHealthCheck up
APIConnect up
APMaaS_Health_Monitor_Internal up
AppConnect up
AppID up
AppLaunch up
Auto-Scaling up
AvailabilityMonitoring up
bailey up
Barcelona_POD1_Oracle up
Barcelona_POD1_SAP up
Barcelona_POD1_Sybase up
BigInsightsonCloud up
blockchain-document-store up
blueid up
bluemix-cloudfoundry up
BlueworksLive-Availability down
Boulder_POD1_Oracle up
Boulder_POD1_SAP up
Boulder_POD1_Sybase up
businessrules up
cf-ghost-test up
cfaas-consumption down
classic-vsi up
cloud-access-trail up
cloud-object-storage-eucr up
cloud-object-storage-eugb up
cloud-object-storage up
cloud-object-storage-infrastructure-eucr up
cloud-object-storage-infrastructure-eugb up
cloud-object-storage-infrastructure-uscr up
cloud-object-storage-infrastructure-useast up
cloud-object-storage-infrastructure-ussouth down
cloud-object-storage-uscr up
cloud-object-storage-useast up
cloud-object-storage-ussouth up
cloudantNoSQLDB up
cloudantnosqldb-yp up
cloudcerts up
cloudeventmanagement up
compare-comply up
compare_and_comply up
compose-enterprise up
compose-for-elasticsearch up
compose-for-etcd up
compose-for-janusgraph up
compose-for-mongodb up
compose-for-mysql up
compose-for-postgresql up
compose-for-rabbitmq up
compose-for-redis up
compose-for-rethinkdb up
compose-for-scylladb up
container-registry up
containers-kubernetes-customers up
containers-kubernetes up
Continuous Release down
continuous-delivery down
conversation up
dal09Nfs up
dashDB up
data-science-experience up
data-store-for-memcache up
datacatalog up
db2oncloud up
developer-experience-appman up
developer-experience-catalog up
developer-experience-scaffolder up
developer-experience-sdkgen up
developer-experience-validator up
developer-experience-yeoman up
DevOpsInsights up
dialogStandardHealth up
discovery up
docplexcloud up
document_conversion up
doi-developerInsights down
driverinsights up
dsoncloud up
dynamic-dashboard-embedded up
ecs-checker up
ecs-dashboard up
Ehningen_POD1_Oracle down
Ehningen_POD1_SAP up
Ehningen_POD1_Sybase up
Ehningen_POD2_Oracle up
Ehningen_POD2_SAP up
Ehningen_POD2_Sybase up
fss-financial-optimization-service up
fss-historical-instrument-analytics-service down
fss-historical-scenario-analytics-service down
fss-instrument-analytics-service down
fss-portfolio-service up
fss-predictive-scenario-analytics-service down
fss-scenario-analytics-service up
g11n-pipeline up
garageMethod down
Geospatial Analytics up
ghost-api-dal10 up
ghost-api-global up
ghost-healthmanager-dal10 up
ghost-healthmanager-global up
ghost-tags-dal10 up
ghost-tags-global up
ghost-worker-dal10 up
ghost-worker-global up
gitlab-community-health up
Hortolandia_POD1_Oracle up
Hortolandia_POD1_SAP up
Hortolandia_POD1_Sybase up
hummingbird up
hypersecuredbaas up
iamPapEstadoGlobal up
IBM Graph up
ibm-blockchain-5-prod down
ibm-iot-for-electronics up
IBM_Cloud_Brokerage_CAM down
IBMAnalyticsEngine up
ibmLogAnalysis up
ICD_Health_Monitor_Internal up
IIBoCService up
imfpush up
Internet of Things Workbench up
internet-svcs up
iotf-service up
iotforautomotive up
is-vpn up
kms up
knowledge-studio up
language_translator up
logging down
logging-ibm down
logging-ibm2 down
logging-ibm3 down
logging-ibm5 up
logging-prod1 up
logmet down
managed-mssql-database down
mapinsights up
marmot up
mdmoncloud up
messagehub up
ml-canvas up
ml-canvas-qa up
Mobile Foundation up
Monitoring up
Montpellier_POD1_Oracle up
Montpellier_POD1_SAP up
Montpellier_POD1_Sybase up
mqcloud up
natural-language-understanding up
natural_language_classifier up
occ up
OpenWhisk up
ops-platform up
oss-elk up
oss-flow up
oss-webhook up
oss_cipherservice up
OSSDEVNetcoolImpact up
OSSDEVNetcoolObjectServerRESTAPI up
OSSDEVNetcoolProbes up
OSSDEVNetcoolWebGUI up
otc-api-healthcheck down
otc-pipeline-healthcheck up
otc-sre-healthcheck up
performanceinsights up
personality_insights up
pm-20 up
Portsmouth_POD1_Oracle up
Portsmouth_POD1_SAP up
Portsmouth_POD1_Sybase up
Poughkeepsie_POD1_Oracle up
Poughkeepsie_POD1_SAP up
Poughkeepsie_POD1_Sybase up
pulsar up
Raleigh_POD1_Oracle up
Raleigh_POD1_SAP up
Raleigh_POD1_Sybase up
Raleigh_POD2_Oracle up
Raleigh_POD2_SAP up
Raleigh_POD2_Sybase up
rc-ghost-test up
real-time-payments-service down
resource-catalog up
retrieve_and_rank up
S3_ObjectStorage up
SecureGateway up
security-advisor up
SingleSignOn up
SL-Block-Services up
SL-NFS-Services down
softlayer-ims down
spark up
speech_to_text up
sql-query up
streaming-analytics up
streams-designer-api up
streams-designer-ui up
Sydney_POD1_Oracle up
Sydney_POD1_SAP up
Sydney_POD1_Sybase up
taas-artifactory up
taas-jenkins up
taas-ucd up
taas-wicked up
text_to_speech up
tip-api-platform up
tip-doctorserviceapi up
tip-eventmgmtapi up
tip-incidentmgmtapi up
tip-keyserviceapi up
tip-scorecard up
tokenservice up
Tokyo_POD1_Oracle up
Tokyo_POD1_SAP up
Tokyo_POD1_Sybase up
tone_analyzer up
Toronto_POD1_Oracle up
Toronto_POD1_SAP up
Toronto_POD1_Sybase up
tradeoffAnalytics down
visualRecognition up
VoiceAgent up
weatherinsights up
WebSphereAppSvr up
Winterthur_POD1_Oracle up
Winterthur_POD1_SAP up
Winterthur_POD1_Sybase up
workflow up
WorkloadScheduler up

Version: 20180914.1106-630
Current time: Tue Sep 18 13:54:16 UTC 2018